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We are a creative thinking, independent digital agency with over 15 years experience in creating digital destinations and the strategies to power them. Creativity, passion and innovation is our DNA.

There is a Plan B – We Are BreamTeam.

When we launched in the late 90s, it was easy to explain what we do: we build websites.

Of course it’s a little more complicated now. As an agency we have grown through nearly twenty years of technical explosion and seen digital expand into every part of daily life. The work we do today is fundamental to the client’s business and growth.

In short, we’re an Information Technology driven ideas company. Helping brands deliver effective web, graphics design, software and digital media.

We are now based in the seaside town Herne Bay, Kent.

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Creativity, passion and innovation is our DNA.


Our story has been marked by successful advances throughout. Including, innovative projects, the development of our own proprietary products and our experience with cutting-edge Information Technology advances, which all form a part in our evolution.

BreamTeam began life in the late 90s, when it was founded by one man, his computer and a vision! Since then, BreamTeam have grown substantially, and are now a worldwide web, graphics design, software development and Information Technology company.

BreamTeam deliver quality IT solutions and interactive media services. Based in the South East of England – Kent, BreamTeam work with home users, local businesses and global clients, providing solutions with centralised processes.

Centralised solutions are key to our success and that of our clients. Whether it be developing a website, creating a powerful application, producing an animation, or designing a brand, the mixture of technology combined with design makes for exceptional usability and performance.

We love long relationships and constantly evolve to get better, embrace change and share our knowledge with clients.