Greetings Dan.

Hello there.

Dan, what exactly is BreamTeam?

BreamTeam is a Digital Creative Company offering interactive media services.

What's a "Digital Creative Company"?

In short, we’re an Information Technology driven ideas company. Helping brands deliver effective web, graphics design, software and digital media.

Some may argue that it is physically impossible for coders to try and contemplate a graphical approach - is this true or just a myth?

It has to be a myth… we have already broken the mould! We produce creative, positive communication through our websites, software, while providing new approaches to emails, newsletters and new digital media, including social networking platforms.

So, as "IT people", are you a bunch of geeks, all keen on Star Wars who can name all political areas of that illusive galaxy far, far away?

As technological and creative thinkers, we embrace this combination to ensure we deliver innovative projects to surpass our clients wants and needs. At BreamTeam, our ethos is to grasp the client’s vision to the fullest, attaining a thorough understanding and involvement of their needs. We pride ourselves in creating a synergy based on close interaction throughout project creation, in an enjoyable climate, whether it be in code development or graphics design. This approach speaks volumes when it comes to the final results and that is why we love what we do – simple as that.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Our team and services provide centralised solutions, whether it be developing or hosting a website, creating a powerful application, designing an outstanding publication and digital documents or providing search engine optimisation (SEO). Our knowledge, experience, with the key mixture of technology combined with design means for exceptional usability and performance throughout our array of services.

Thank you Dan.

You’re welcome.
P.S. One of the political areas you’re looking for… Hutt Space – A region in the Outer Rim Territories, which is controlled by criminal gangsters known as the Hutts.



For more information about Dan Bream, please see his LinkedIn profile.