BreamTeam offer cross-platform technology solutions to accommodate mobile, desktop and web applications that can be built as stand-alones, or seamlessly implemented into an existing project.

Cutting-edge technology is at the forefront of our business and whether you are looking for a purpose built application or require something unique, then we can deliver.

Online or Offline
As well as creating online solutions such as a Content Management System (CMS) or an ecommerce shop, we also have expertise to deliver offline packages, whether this be a desktop application or widget.

“Fishbowl Visual Display”
One of our spearhead solutions is simply known as “The Fishbowl”. A completely revolutionary application which can be projected on any visual display and controlled locally or remotely (e.g. through the Internet) with an intuitive management system.

The Fishbowl Visual Display has proven itself in the sporting arena.  Using stunning graphics coupled with intelligent interfaces ensures simple operation during an intense live sporting event.

Configured and running unattended, The Fishbowl has delivered high impact, full colour sponsor messages and advertisements at conferences and storefronts, as well as providing important information and safety announcements

The Fishbowl’s interface is operated by BreamTeam’s custom software solution.  Built in-house, so we can easily create any custom features you may require. Although highly featured, the Fishbowl control system is simple to use with a real-time visual output display, as well as preview screens for ultimate versatility and confidence.

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Accommodating mobile, desktop and web, plus applications that are operated during an intense live sporting event!