The intelligent way to manage web content.

Here to help you Organise, Control, Publish and assist when it comes to keeping your website fresh; with the ability of adding new content, pages or graphics, ensuring your visitors come back regularly and help your Search Engine Rankings!

Our Content Management System (CMS) known as “Goldfish” is a complete content management package that lets you create, maintain and grow your own articles, news and make changes to your site through a user-friendly interface.

Cost Cutting!

By providing you, the user, with the ability to organise, control and implement your own website content, this saves time and money that some more rigid Web Company’s will usually charge you for!

Fully Tailored

As Goldfish can be completely customised to suit your needs, its functionality is endless. As well as articles, news and blogs, you can create extra pages for your site, such as “About Us”, “Services”, “Newsletter”, etc. Each page you create is automatically displayed both on your site and as part of the overall navigation menu.

Goldfish also has built-in RSS feeds, in-depth statistics and includes a powerful multi-user permission system.

As Goldfish has a purpose-built ‘modular’ architecture, it can be used in many different areas where a database driven solution is required.

From website publishing (news, etc) and member websites to controlling statistics and activities at a live sporting event, the Goldfish Content Management System is as a secure and reliable backbone to any application.

Open Source CMS

At BreamTeam, we believe in versatility, so we also make use of third party and open source software, dependant on client requirements and we are fully equipped to utilise products such as WordPress and Joomla.

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Our bespoke CMS software, known as Goldfish CMS, is the intelligent way to manage web content, saving you time when keeping your website or application fully up-to-date.