Email Marketing

Improve sales and increase revenue from new and existing customers, by delivering email campaigns direct to their inbox. Newsletters, special offers, follow-up emails, customer service announcements, invitations — anything!

Sending email campaigns to your clients is an essential marketing tool – as long as its done properly.  Send emails with confidence, without paying for costly access fees and “per email” sends!

With eBreamTeam – our very own online “out-of-the-box” solution – your emails can arrive in your contacts inbox almost immediately. There’s no delay and you will start seeing real results within hours, sometimes even minutes.

Send and Receive
Email is a two-way communication, so people who receive your email can simply hit the “reply” button and send you feedback and ask questions right away – or alternatively they can be directed straight to your products or services on your website.

Everything you need and more!
100% browser based, eBreamTeam includes everything you need to create, send and track professional HTML emails and emarketing campaigns. It is a fully-featured email marketing software platform which has been developed to ensure a user-friendly experience, whilst providing powerful features to ensure you take full advantage of one of the most important areas of digital marketing.

Making your life statistically easier!
Understanding how many people opened your email, clicked a specific link or product and then being able to automatically send them a follow-up email will ensure you have sound online marketing procedures.  As well as featuring 100% CAN-Spam Laws compliancy and automatic Bounce and Unsubscribe handling, you can also grow your subscriber lists via an automated sign-up form on your website, or import your contact database simply and efficiently.

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Email Marketing

“Do I need to use Email Marketing?” …if you are looking to improve sales and increase revenue from new and existing customers, then the answer is a resounding “Yes!”